08 Mar 2011

Left Behind – Brussels Conference: Patrizio Paoletti

Biographical note

Patrizio Paoletti, President of “L’Albero della Vita Foundation” and “Patrizio Paoletti Foundation for communication and development”, Professor of relational communication, teaching and experimental education in Italy and abroad. Since 1997, he has been engaged in social issues. He is the creator of the “Pedagogy for the Third Millennium”, a new educational system based on ideas and techniques developed on the concepts of mediation, translation and normalization. Every year, through his educational programs, he reaches more than one hundred thousand people.

In Italy, he has published a series of texts on the new horizons of education and teaching: “Crescere nell’Eccellenza” (Growing towards Excellence) – Armando Editore, “Quando imparare è facile” (when Learning is Easy) – Infinito Editore; “Alla scoperta delle emozioni” (Discovering Emotions) – Infinito Editore; “La vita nelle tue mani” (Life in your Hands) – Infinito Editore.

Abstract of presentation:

Children Left Behind: the Social Misunderstanding

This historical time offers us a representation of the condition in which the individual and the whole societal organisation are in: “the social misunderstanding”, i.e. to delegate to others responsibilities of our own life and choices. The individual seems to be more and more disoriented, not able to assume fundamental responsibilities that life requires: decide about the future in an oriented way.

However, one of the main duties that the society, European and national and local institutions, has is providing with orientation new generations. Moreover, present days call us to collaboration and cooperation, in order to increase social cohesion and be able to give correct answers to life, through socially sustainable actions.

This seems to be a responsibility we cannot deny, but to give new answers to old questions, focusing on priorities and reaffirming that children are our future.

Five main points are at the core of our intervention in favor of children left behind: to protect employment for their families, to start development education programmes, to promote children’s rights, to support the idea of family, to affirm the need of growing in an environment which is healthy, emotionally sustainable, full of inputs and opportunities.

Key element for the realisation of real progress in the third millennium is interrogating ourselves on the value of the “relationships”. This is what enlightens our future: everything has to be considered from the point of view of relationships, with others, inside ourselves and with the external world.

To overcome the social misunderstanding and be open to the renewed culture of responsibilities – economic, social, political and ethical – it is necessary to intervene supporting families and childhood with actions which must be deeply connected with the local context, society and individuals.

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