07 Mar 2011

by Camilla Azzini

Become a Member!

ChildrenLeftBehind.eu is an open network. Joint efforts and common values are all the requirements needed to became a Member.

All the Members are required to contribute to the growth of the network, and specifically:

  • to actively participate in the website, sharing your experience and your knowledge – provide data, news and information about the phenomena;
  • to make all necessary efforts (financial and human resources) to participate in the future events organized by the network, which will not have own financial resources;
  • to be proactive and take part in drafting all future documents describing the network, the vision and the mission;

As a Member of the network you may:

  • be part of the network and be in contact with other organizations working with migrant and transnational families and children left behind;
  • use the website ChildrenLeftBehind.eu, that is the main work platform of all Members of the network;
  • promote your organisation to a Europe-wide audience and to the European institutions through the network activities;
  • get the latest information about policy developments at European level;
  • participate in events and activities organized by the co-ordinator and by all Members of the network.

Download the Application Form.

Fill in the Form and return it to info@childrenleftbehind.eu