29 Jan 2011

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CeSPI, Centre for Studies in International Policies, is an independent non-profit organisation established in 1985 which conducts policy-oriented studies and research. Among its founders the President of the Italian Republic, Mr Giorgio Napolitano, who was a member of CeSPI’s Board of Chairmen until a few years ago. Its headquarter is in Rome, in an ancient building in the city centre.

The Centre carries out research, consultancy, training and information dissemination activities with respect to certain key international relations issues.
More specifically, CeSPI focuses mainly on its five well-established research areas:

  • International cooperation, development finance and peacebuilding;
  • Decentralised cooperation, transborder cooperation and local development;
  • Human mobility, transnationalism and co-development;

  • An open Europe – concerning borders, enlargement and neighbourhood and global projection;
  • Italy from a global perspective – exploring what international role the country should play and what foreign economic policies it should adopt.

Within the area Human mobility, transnationalism and co-development, CeSPI has developed a focus on “Transnational Welfare”. This stream of studies is aimed at analyzing how migration is impacting on the welfare systems of the countries of origin and arrival and how the different actors of this systems are reacting and responding to the new social needs that are rising. CeSPI also analyzed how transnational policies can improve the process of integration and the social impact of migration both “overhear” and “overthere” (co-welfare policies).

Recent studies on this issues are:

  • F.Piperno (forthcoming), The impact of female emigration on families and the welfare state in countries of origin. The case of Romania. International Migration, Blackwell Publishing
  • Piperno (2010), The social aspects of migration and development, presentation for the Expert Roundtable on the Social Aspects of Migration and Development organised by the European Commission (EuropAid – Cooperation Office) and ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy Development), CeSPI DOC-6/2010
  • F. Piperno (2007), From care drain to care gain: migration in Romania and Ukraine and the rise of transnational welfare, Development, vol. 50, n°4
  • Castagnone, M. Eve, E. R. Petrillo, F. Piperno (2007), Madri Migranti. Le migrazioni di cura dalla Romania e dall’Ucraina in Italia: percorsi e impatto sui paesi di origine, Working Paper CeSPI 34/2007