25 Feb 2011

by Camilla Azzini

L’Albero della Vita Foundation

L’Albero della Vita was created in 1997. Its charter members aimed at creating an organisation    able to implement effective actions to protect children and safeguard as well as promote their rights to grow up in a safe and suitable environment.

L’Albero della Vita is a humanitarian organisation composed by three different non-profit organisations:

  • The Foundation (also ONG recognised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • The social Cooperative
  • The Volunteer Association

L’Albero della Vita has always had a pedagogical mission aiming at effectively ensuring qualitative actions, able to bring about improvement in the lives of its project beneficiaries (children and teenagers), both personally and in their familiar and social environment.

L’Albero della Vita interventions are inspired by “Pedagogia per il Terzo Millennio” ®, a set of educational methods and tecniques released by Fondazione Paoletti; the staff of L’Albero della Vita receives regular educational training accordingly.


L’Albero della Vita Italian projects for children are in 13 Italian regions.

Here are some details:

  • Alternative Care for minors and youth
  • Prevention of deviance and violence
  • Network of foster families - “Per un Fratello in Più” Program
  • Housing and support to mothers and their children
  • Rehabilitation and social reintegration for minors with psychological disabilities
  • Educational programmes in schools on children’s rights issues, development and intercultural issues - “Pianeta Nuovo” Programme


At international level L’Albero della Vita operates in Peru, Haiti, Congo, Kenia, India, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Poland through education and child labor reduction programs, in particular schooling and professional training, food security and basic health care.


At National and International level L’Albero della Vita is also committed to Social Researches, Networking activities, social Communication, Advocacy actions.