01 Dec 2014

by Daria Crimella

Soleterre – Strategie di pace

Soleterre – Strategie di Pace is a Non Governmental Organisation founded on 2002, accredited by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Development Cooperation Programs in Third Countries and accredited by the Italian Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs for Activities in favour of migrants third-country nationals in Italy.
Since 2006 Soleterre has been improving an International Programme about “Migration for Development” at transnational level, building-up and networking Multi-services Centres (Twin Centres) for Transnational Families both in Italy (Milan) and in some sending Country-Towns (in Third Countries) of significant migration origin: Casablanca/Settat (Morocco); Lviv/Kiev (Ukraine); San Salvador/Chalatenango (El Salvador).
The main purpose of the organisation is to support the transnational families both during their living at distance and during their family reunification process (in home or destination country). The Twin Centres supplied legal, socio-educational, psychological and job orientation services both at starting and at arriving in destination Country, through qualified local counsellors working jointly on transnational scale.