26 Feb 2011

by Camilla Azzini

Alternative Sociale Association – AAS

Alternative Sociale Association (AAS) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, established in 1997, whose mission is to protect and promote human rights through activities of prevention, capacity building, research and advocacy.

The main areas of activity of AAS are:

  • The reform of the justice system
  • The prevention of child labor, sexual exploitation and trafficking;
  • The prevention of trafficking in human beings and assistance;
  • The provision of direct services for children victims of abuse and/or neglect
  • Education and research

In 2005 Alternative Sociale started the program Home Alone, for research and intervention for combating the negative effects of labor migration of parents onto their children left at home.

The program included several projects, which produced:

  • Researches for defining qualitative and quantitative aspects of the phenomenon (2005 – Study Made In Iasi Area On Children Separated From One Or Both Parents As Result To Parents Leaving To Work Abroad, 2008 – National Analysis of the Phenomenon of Children Left Home by Their Parents Who Migrate Abroad for Employment );
  • Direct services for children with one or both parents gone to work abroad (2005-2011);
  • Awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks and vulnerabilities (of children and families) associated with the migration of parents (2006-2008);
  • Trainings for professionals – social workers, psychologists, police workers etc. (2007-2010);
  • The creation and dissemination of a Methodology for the Social, Psychological and Legal Assistance of Home Alone Children (2007);
  • Lobby for the optimization of the relevant legislation (2007) and of practices in the activity of public institutions for the prevention of separation and for the assistance of home alone children;
  • The creation of the www.singuracasa.ro website containing information (researche reports, methodologies, legislation, advice, a discussions forum) for children, parents, caregivers and professionals (2007).