25 Mar 2014

by admin

Teia Amiga – PT

Teia AmigaAssociation is a private and nonprofit organization, whose mission is to integrate partnerships and training practices that improve the methodology used in the educational and pedagogical domains, in order to reduce isolation and inability, to improve the social-economic situation,  relieve  human  suffering  and  promote  the  inclusion  of  social  risk  people.

The association  was  brought  up  by  professionals  with  a  vast  experience  in  regular  and  adults
education, that felt the need to create an institution with a decentralized intervention field to
perform  in  various  areas  of  knowledge  and  life.  To  achieve  its  objectives,  the  Association  is
carrying  out  programs  against  the  conditions  of  isolation  in  old  age,  socio-professional
integration of disadvantaged people, handicapped visually and mentally, prisoners and young
people  without  qualifications.

The  activities  are  designed  to  combine  imaginative  and emotional  intelligence,  which  helps   build  knowledge  and  develop  personal  confidence, through physical and intellectual abilities, despite the limited resources available. The future plan of the Association, in addition to continuing the struggle for the initial objectives, passes through cooperation with other associations and institutions with identically goals, by cultural and  scientific  exchanges  between  associations  and  similar  institutions.

Thus,  the  association intends to participate in projects at European level in order to bring up to socially unprotected people the European multiculturalism and diversity, strengthening the awareness of European citizenship and fighting against poverty and social exclusion. The Association wishes through his intervention not only reduce inequality, but also introduce these people in the European dimension.