30 Jul 2015

by Daria Crimella


The Advanced Training Programme (ATP) has been developed with the purpose of providing stakeholders with adequate tools and improved competences for addressing the needs of transnational families.

The ATP framework allows trainees to choose among a variety of learning tools such as case-study analyses, brain-storming, team work, videos, role games, experience sharing, open discussion. Modules have been tested by partners in groups of 10-20 persons.

The training has been dived in two paths and seven modules :

  • Training A-sending countries

1.A-Psycho-social assistance to children left behind in the country of origin

2.A-Parenting for families separated by labour migration (preparation, distance parenting and return)

3.A-Economic and emotional impact of young migration on elderly

  • Training B – receiving countries

1.B -Integrated-support service in the reunification process

2.B – Legalisation through marriage

3.B – Migration, maternity and trafficking: improvement of the assistance programmes held for parents, victims of trafficking, in receiving countries

4.B – The role of remittances in the dynamics of transnational families

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