07 Jan 2013

Children’s Rights in Action


The different economic and professional conditions between EU member states often induce European citizens to leave their country in search of better opportunities. This is the case of Romania, where more than 3 million out of an active population of 9.9 million citizens decide to migrate abroad, mainly to Italy and Spain. Often, adults migrate from Romania alone, leaving temporarily their children at home in care of grandparents or members of the extended family. Other times, adults migrate together with their children. In both cases, children involved are in a vulnerable position.

Starting from these premises, a multinational research co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme was developed by L’Albero della Vita Foundation (coordinator), ISMU Foundation, Barcelona University, IReS Foundation and Alternative Sociale Association

Project started in March 2011 and closed in March 2013. It aimed to identify and understand needs of children migrating from Romania to Italy and Spain and those of children who returned to Romania after an experience of migration. To learn more their need in order to promote good practices to reduce their vulnerability and to promote their rights.

Main objectives of the project:

• To conduct the first organic research on the condition of Romanian children migrating from Romania to Italy and Spain; Learn more about Italian Research and Spanish Research

• To analyze, for the first time, the cases of children who returned to Romania after a failed experience of migration to Italy or Spain; Learn more about Romanian research

• To identify and produce a set of good practices to assure to Romanian children their rights and to address specific emerging issues in Italy and Spain;

• To sensitize Italian, Spanish and Romanian citizens and disseminate the good practices between Institutions and non-state actors daily committed to migration issues.

• To present recommendation to European Institution to better protect migrant children, their rights and reduce their vulnerability. Learn more about Brussels Final Conference.