20 Dec 2012


We’re glad to share with our readers a successful experience of promotion of children’s rights in a contest of migration developed between Jan 2011 and Nov 2012.

PRO-CHILD project was co-funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme and implemented by an Italian-Romanian partnership composed by the coordinator, Associazione Bambini in Romania, in collaboration with Inima pentru Inima Foundation, ASCIR Spirit Romanesc – Roma, Cooperativa Interculturando. LEARN more about partner organizations

The overall goal of PRO-CHILD project was to promote and support the right of children and adolescents to grow up within their own families and be fully integrated within local communities. In light with this overall goal, the project addressed the problems of Romanian and Roma children and adolescents living in Romania and Italy, neglected by their parents or at risk of abandonment.
Project aimed at protecting the rights of children and adolescents to healthy family relationships and parent-child relations as well as their rights to grow and learn within caring local communities. Moreover, it contribute in strengthening the capacity of relevant stakeholders to formulate, design and implement policies and strategies addressing the abandoning and neglect of children and adolescents, as well as the themes of racism, stereotypes and intolerance against families who have migrated, ethnic groups and other vulnerable groups.

The project involved more than 2,600 young people making them aware of the vulnerable conditions of a large number of Romanian children and about fundamental rights and volunteering.

A far as support network for transnational family and CLB is concerned, the project highlighted the role of socio-cultural mediators, operating inside local communities with the purpose of sensitize and support families, of combating the phenomenon of abandoning and neglecting children and adolescents. More than 50 socio-cultural mediators were provided with specific training thanks to the project. LEARN more about socio-cultural mediator looking at the VIDEO (Italian with Romanian subtitles)

Finally, almost 5,900 persons were sensitized thanks to the dissemination of two researches on the condition of Romanian families living in Italy and above all, thanks to the short “L’Attesa” (i.e. “Holding time”).

We recommend the vision of this VIDEO representing the impact of parental migration on children, from the point of view of the young Dorina, left behind by her Mom.

Click here to view the Italian version with Romanian subtitles

Click here to view the Romanian version with Italian subtitles

Download the presentation of all achievement of PRO-CHILD project