26 Nov 2012

IFCW – World Forum 2012: 27/11 workshop on transnational families

First “working day” for experts joined into the International Forum for Child Welfare.

Tomorrow 27th Nov 2012 at 12:15 a.m. a workshop on Transnational families and children left behind with three CLB.eu Members


Winarti Sukaesih (Indonesia)


L’Albero della Vita Antonio Bancora (Milan, Italy): Beyond European enlargement process:  children left behind and transnational families around Europe – the Romanian case.

IOM Italia Rossella Celmi (Rome, Italy): Children Left Behind in Ukraine from Italian eyes

Soros Foundation Romania Victoria Nedelciuc and Claudia Iordache (Bucharest, Romania): Migration effects on the Children left Behind. Romanian case

Follow the workshop in STREAMING