15 Jul 2011

Discussing about the Network with EP Vice President Angelilli

On 13 June 2011, Mr Ivano Abbruzzi - Albero della Vita Director – met in Rome Mrs Roberta Angelilli (on the left, attending the International Missing Children’s Day) , Italian MEP and Vice – President of the European Parliament.

EP Angelilli is very active in the field of protection and promotion of children’s rights and she is the promoter of the European Parliament Alliance for children’s rights. She is also specifically very sensitive to the issue of children left behind as she co-hosted the Conference held in the European Parliament in March when the network CLB.eu has been launched.

During the meeting, which wanted to strengthen the collaboration between the Network and Vice-President Angelilli, Mr Abbruzzi presented the developments of the Network which were considered very positive by Vice-President Angelilli.

She stated her availability and support for future initiatives that will work in favour of children left behind and welcomed some new ideas that were presented.

We were once again happy with Vice President Angelilli’s commitment and passion and we are looking forward for new initiatives on which we could collaborate.