08 Mar 2011

Left Behind – Conference in Brussels: Asun Berne

Biographical note:

M. Asunción Llena Berñe is Vice-dean, Teacher and researcher at Faculty of Pedagogy University of Barcelona. Dra in Pedagogy, extraordinary prize of phd. Director of the book collection Community action. Has been teaching in the bachelor degree of social education and in several masters and postgraduate studies. In charge of the international relation of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Barcelona University. Member of the executive board of the Faculty, member of the executive board of the Iberoamerican Society of Social Pedagogy.

She has been working as European expert over the last years in Romania working for the Ministry of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities to develop social services and on social inclusion. Member of the group of research GPS for social inclusion and cohesion, research, planning and evaluation. She has published several articles, and books.

Abstract of presentation:

‘Data about Romanians in Spain – Romanians migration process, what about children?’

Romanian population flows have been increasing in the last years especially since 2000 when we had 6.240 Romanians registered until the 798.892 Romanians in 2009. The main explanations of this increase are related to the socioeconomic situation in Romania and to the fact that Spain improve the socio-economic situation and the existence of a black market.

Among the population the main group is concentrated in the age of working with a major concentration in 4 areas (Madrid Comunitat Valenciana, Andalucia and Catalunya).

There are no specific policies or actions that take in account the situation of children left behind or the impact of migration on children. Nevertheless focus is put on the welcoming processes and tools for helping people to get integrated in school to understand the language, the system and the culture.

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