04 Mar 2011

“Left Behind” Conference Highlights

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Session: Education, juridical an sociological implications of the issue of Children Left Behind and their families
- Mr. Patrizio Paoletti, Fondazione L’Albero della Vita and Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti, President

Mr. Marco Benini, Expert in educational processes for FPP’s adult and child programs, Italy

Ms. Jana Hainsworth, Segretary General of Eurochild

Ms. Adriana Opromolla, Social Policy Officer, Caritas Europe, Belgium

Ms. Flavia Piperno, Researcher, CeSPI Centro Studi Politica Internazionale

Session: European Insights of the Left Behind Phenomenon: the countries of origin
Mr. Ivano Abbruzzi, Head of projects and Research, Fondazione L’Albero della Vita

Mr. Alex Gulei, Programme coordinator, Alternative Sociale Association, Romania

Ms. Inete Ielite, Chair of the Board, Children’s Forum of Latvia

Ms. Edita Ziobiene, Ombudsperson for children, Lithuania

Radoslaw Kozlowski, form Warsaw University, temporary arrangement with Polish Permanent Representation in Brussels

Session: European Insights of the Left Behind Phenomenon: migrating parents in destination countries
Mr. Giovanni Giulio Valtolina, Head of Child and Family Department, ISMU Foundation, Italy

Ms. Simona Marengo, Project Manager, Association ALC, France

Ms. Asun Berne, Researcher, University of Barcelona, Spain

-Ms. L. Ryan, Co-director, Mr. D’Angelo, lecteur in s. sciences, Social Policy Research Centre, University of Middlesex, UK


Children Left Behind in Europe:
- Presentation of the ChildreLeftBehind.eu Network
- Call for Action

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