15 Feb 2011


Get together to work in a coordinated way is a key action in order to get the phenomenon of the children left behind taken in consideration and obtain results in their favour, but also in favour of their families and communities.

For this reason L’Albero della Vita decided to launch the idea of creating a network of stakeholders to work in this direction throughout Europe. Moreover, the information gathered in these first months confirmed how this phenomenon is spread throughout Europe and the need for all actors involved and interested (NGOs, local, national and EU institutions, universities and research centres only to mention some) to gather, share knowledge, raise awareness. It is indeed important, to go beyond the fragmentation and isolation that too often restricts organisation’s capacity. On the contrary, sharing and networking will mean reach much more easily to action development and institutional awareness.

The network has the main goal to run actions in favour of children left behind.

Childenleftbehind.eu would act through seminars and awareness raising events, as well as lobbying at national and European level, conducting researches and publish studies, conduct pilot programmes, exchange good practices, but also apply for private and European grants for concrete actions.