01 Feb 2011

Awareness raising in Italy: seminar in Milan (May 2010) and Publication

On 26 May 2010, in the offices of the European Commission representation in Milan and their support we organized our first awareness raising event. The seminar ‘Left Behind: the transnational family and children left behind in Romania‘ aimed to present the condition of children left behind and their families, in the migration from Romania to Italy and saw the participation of several experts and actors directly involved in Italy and Romania.

Particularly, during the morning session speakers described the features of the so-called transnational family, the Romanian context and the condition of Romanian families once in Italy. In the afternoon, L’ Albero della Vita Foundation and its partners presented their actions in Romania to support children and their families. A few Romanian parents migrated to Italy also took part in the debate, telling their story.

Partner of the event:

  • FARI – Federation of associations of Romanian People in Italy
  • Fundatia Umanitaria Pacea