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30 Oct 2012

EC Study ‘Social Impact of Emigration and Rural-Urban Migration in Central and Eastern Europe’

In June 2012 the DG Employment, social affairs, and inclusion published a study “Social Impact of Emigration and Rural-Urban Migration in Central and Eastern Europe” that analyze the social impact of international and internal migration in Central and Eastern Europe in the past two decades. The study focuses on the effects of migration on labour markets, human resource development, poverty and social exclusion and social cohesion. The study researches were carried out between November 2010 ...

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20 Sep 2012

Migration and Welfare: a new role for Social Policy

On Monday, 17th of September 2012, Flavia Piperno and Mara Tognetti from Cespi presented to an impressively wide public, their last publication on Migration and Welfare, Migration and Welfare: a new role for Social Policy. As destination Country of several migratory routes, new and growing links between Italy and origin Countries must be taken into account. Migrants social and occupational inclusion, minors school enrolment, family reunion, voluntary returns – thus social cohesion in multiet...

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20 Jun 2012

SOROS Public hearing on Migration’s effects on children left home

In Romania, institutional actors debate over children left behind On June 6th, Soros Foundation Romania organized a public debate on the consequences that parents migration has on children left behind, inviting stakeholders and institutional actors to propose solutions regarding the role that social assistants, school and new caregivers should play in the children's lives. Representatives - teachers, social assistants, Romanian deputies, NGOs, researchers - from more than 30 departments expres...

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28 Apr 2012 GROWS UP!

The Network welcomes SOROS Foundation Romania within its Members! Continuing to focus on critical issues for the development of the Romanian society, the Foundation currently streams its financial and human efforts towards advocacy activities, also gaining and providing substantial expertise in fields such as migration and inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized minorities, and going further with monitoring the decision-making process at both central and local levels, the fair allocation of EU...

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03 Mar 2012

Millions of children left behind in China

22 millions - even 58 accordingy with some sources - is the estimated number of children left behind in China. The increasing phenomenon in the Asia Giants is due primarly to the leaving of rural areas of parents looking for a job in urban areas. Since 2007 UNICEF is researching the extent of rural-to-urban migration in China, trying to size the CLB phenomenon in the Country. From those studies was born the Documentary "Children Left Behind" In February 2012 (20.22 Feb.), the University of N...

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